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How to deal with anxiety before a running competition
·5 mins
race health

You’ve signed up for a running competition, and trained for it for months, and here we are, a few days before the race. The pre-race anxiety is ramping up. Today, I’ll share how to best manage it with my own few tips.

Avoiding Common Running Injuries: Tips for Staying Injury-Free
·4 mins
training injuries

Running injuries is a common topic that can quickly affect your ability to run and train. After years of running, I’ve got my share of injuries. Today, I’ll share the tips that helped me stay injury-free until today.

The Role and Rituals of Long Runs in Your Training
·3 mins

If you have started a training plan for running, it probably includes a long run. This is commonly part of the running training plan but it’s not always obvious how it helps you progress.

Preparing your running goals for 2024
·3 mins

Last year, I listed a few goals for myself when it comes to training and running. In my opinion, it’s important to move towards a goal rather than not having one. Here is my list for this year, and why you should start one.


Highlights and Review of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2022
·7 mins
review race

As Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon announced a new finish line for their 2023 edition, I take this opportunity to reflect on the 2022 edition and share my feedback on the great race.

7 Tips to Keep Your Running Motivation on Track
·5 mins
training beginner

When starting your running journey, there will be some days it will be easy to go, and some others that will feel extremely difficult to lace your shoes and get out. So how can we consistently find the motivation to go for a run? Here are a few tips to get you started.

Hot and Humid: Running Tips to Beat the Singapore Heat
·3 mins
training health

With temperatures often reaching 30°C or more, running in Singapore can be uncomfortable and even dangerous if you don’t take the necessary precautions. Fear no more, here are some of the tips I collected over the past 5 years to make the most of your running session.

The Benefits of Running: Why You Should Start Today
·4 mins
beginner health

I have been running for almost a decade and it’s often someone asks me what’s the benefit of running, why they should run, or what I enjoy in running. Today I will dive further into this subject and why you should start running today.

From Start to Finish: An Insider's Look at the 2023 Seoul Marathon
·8 mins
review race

Last month, I had the chance to finally participate in the Seoul International Marathon 2023. Today, I’ll share insights on my training, the race, and my results, but also a detailed review and feedback on the race organization. Let’s dive in.

Pronation, Supination, What is it and How does it Affect Your Running?
·3 mins
health shoes

To understand how we can better run and have a better form, we need to understand how we strike the grown. There are three natural movements, pronation, neutral, and supination. We’ll explore what it means and how we can help correct it.