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Hi there 👋!

My name is Ben, french runner based in Singapore 🇸🇬. After years of running and chasing personal bests, I want to share more about my running journey and how you can start yours.

With this blog, my goal is to help you start running and how you can enjoy it. I’ll share how to get ready for your first race, but also how to stay motivated and injured free over time.

That being said, I am not a professional athlete nor a fitness coach, my advice is only based on my experience and what worked for me.

A little about my journey, I started running by “mistake” when I move to another country.

Since then, I’ve been running for close to 8 years, I’ve gone through 10,000km (or at least that what’s Strava recorded) and ran multiple half-marathons and marathons across Europe and South East Asia.

Like you, I’m on this path of learning and trying to be fitter and getting better. My personal goal is to break sub 3h marathon.

So, if you are starting your running journey or want to get better at it, this blog is for you.

However, if you are an experienced runner, covering more than 50km per week, and can keep a pace of 3:30min/km and below, this might not be for you.

Let’s get to it, Happy reading!

Photo by Jeremy Lapak